Stinson Library Mission Statement

Stinson Library materials will support the people of Grace Lutheran Church of State College as they

* continue to be a people who find their true identity as children of God;

* gather around Word and Sacrament;

* engage in prayer, study, education and service;

* love and care for each other;

* share that love and the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those they meet.

Library Catalog

Stinson Library has an online catalog where you can view all the items in the library.  Features of the catalog include multiple types of searches, descriptions of the items and an indication if the book is on the shelf or has been borrowed. Use the link below to search the catalog:


Selection Policy and Donation Policy

Policies were adopted by Grace Lutheran Church Council and are available for viewing in the library or online:

Selection Policy and Donation Policy

Donations to the library may be done in 4 ways

  1. Wish Lists — the following wish lists were created to indicate some of the items we would like to add to the library.  You may purchase them through Amazon, have them shipped to your home and drop off at the church. Or you may purchase them at any other vendor of your choosing.  If you would like a donation label placed in them, please email us or indicate so written on a paper when you drop the book off in the library mailbox at the church
  2. New Books – we have a budget and will continue to add new items to the library, but if you would like to assist in that by donating a title, here are some lists of books from which to choose:
  3. Replacements – we own these books, however our copy is very worn and we would like to replace it someday.
  4. Complete Books Series – some of the books series we own are missing some titles from the series.  These are lists of books that would help complete the series

Used books are welcome under these guidelines:

  1. Must meet the acquisition criteria as outlined in the Stinson Library Policies.
  2. Given our limited space duplicates of existing library materials will be added only as shelf space allows.
  3. Material must be in good condition, text unmarked and of current interest.
  4. Donors will be asked to complete the Library Donation Form.  Forms can be found in the library or printed from this link
  5. If any of the materials do not meet the criteria for acquisitions as outlined above, they will be returned to the donor or given to the local AAUW book sale.  Donors may indicate their preference on the form.  If a form does not accompany the donation, disposal of unwanted items will be at the discretion of the Library Team.


Submit a book review — The library ministry team is looking for brief book reviews by church members to include in the bulletin and Grace Notes.  If you have read and enjoyed a book from the library and you would like to recommend to others, complete the online book review form.