“Confirmation is all about healthy relationships with Jesus Christ, others, and self!”

The Confirmation Ministry at Grace Lutheran Church begins in sixth grade and consists of seven components supporting a concentrated period of learning, sharing, and growing.

Confirmation Classes for 2016 – 2017

Our fall Confirmation classes will begin on August 28th at 12:00- 1:15pm in Harkins Hall. During our fall classes we will be focusing our attention on the Lord’s Prayer. Through class discussion, homework, and lectures we will explore this exciting topic. We can’t wait to see you there!

The Lord’s Prayer

September 18:  1st Petition (Hallowed) – Click here for the presentation
October 16:  2nd petition (Kingdom Come) 3rd petition (Will be done) – Click here for the presentation
November 20:  4th petition (Daily Bread) – Click here for the presentation
December 4:  5th petition (Forgive) 6th petition (Temptation) – Click here for the presentation
January 22:  7th petition (Deliver Us)

Apostles Creed

February 17- February 18th Lock-in/retreat Apostle’s Creed

Confirmation Class Expectations

  • Please be on time for class.  If you can not attend a class, notify either Mrs. Fritz (814-238-2478, church) or Pastor Osman (814-308-2844) ahead of time.
  • It is expected that you will attend the February retreat (this is not an optional social lock-in).
  • “Living Out Faith” Activities – a sheet will be handed out at the end of each class, and the sheet (or another piece of paper with reflections written on it) is to be handed in at the beginning of the following class.
  • If you do miss class, you are still expected to read the material and have conversation regarding the material with an adult.
  • If you miss more than two sessions, we will need to have a conversation about repeating the section of catechism that you missed.
  • Complete ten sermon notes between September and May.  Click on this link for Sermon Notes 
  • Please be respectful in words and actions.  This includes participating in class activities, conversations and prayer time.

Interested in being an Acolyte?  Contact Stephanie Fozard to inquire about training.  Stephanie may be reached by e-mail at steph@fozards.com or at 238-7935.