This ministry is designed to respond to the care and support needs of the congregation in a holistic fashion.  It also educates members concerning health and wellness issues.  It meets as a group on the fourth Monday evening, every other month.  If you are interested in learning more about Congregational Care, please contact Lois Lynn ( at 234-1078.  The ministry teams of Congregational Care are described below.  Each has its own coordinator.

Blood Pressure Screening – On the first Sunday of the each month, blood pressure checks are done in the narthex from 10:00 – 10:30 am.  If you are a health care professional, and would be willing to volunteer for this ministry, please contact Don Burris ( at 238-1236.

First Aid/AED/ CPR – This team provides CPR courses for members.  It also maintains the church’s AED and first aid supplies.  If you would be willing to volunteer for this ministry, please contact Sue Ferro ( at 237-8756.

Flu Shots – Every fall immunizations for influenza are provided using an outside health care agency.   These are offered for a minimal fee.  If you would be willing to volunteer for this ministry, please contact Sue Ferro ( at 237-8756

Summer Health Breaks – These sessions are held on Sunday mornings in the summer from 9-10 a.m. in the Fireside Room.  They focus on a variety of health-related topics.  If you would be willing to help with this ministry, please contact Lois Lynn ( at 234-1078.

Friends Who Care Ministry – This team serves survivors of abuse and violence.  It also helps the faith community learn how to become more aware of abuse and how to respond appropriately to support victims of violence. Contact Jennifer Pencek ( or Cay Griel (

Befrienders – This ministry is coordinated by Lois Voigt. 231-8423 ( to help members who are identified by the pastors as needing some extra care, support, prayer, or assistance, mostly our homebound. Please call Lois if you would like to help out with this ministry.

Home Communion Visitation Team – Teams of two arrange to share communion with those unable to attend our regular worship services.  These teams visit our shut-ins at least four times a year, sharing a brief worship of confession, scripture reading prayer and Holy Communion.  If you would like to serve in this way or if you know of a shut-in who desires this service, please contact Don ( or Bonnie Burris (  at 238-1236.

Old Friends/Home Bounders Worship Service and Luncheon – Twice a year, a communion service and a midday meal is prepared for home-bound members who are unable to regularly attend worship.  Each guest is assigned a chaperon who assists the guest throughout the service, the meal and with transportation.  A nurse also attends to assist with any emergencies that may occur.  If you are interested in helping or know of a homebound member who would like to attend contact Pastor Lynn (, Janet Lybarger ( or Pat Ishler (237-7857)

Card Ministry – This team sends cards to homebound members at holidays and other special times.  It is coordinated by Carolyn Fishburn ( at 238-3907.

Articles for Grace Notes – This team provides health-related articles for the monthly church newsletter.  If you are interested in this ministry, please contact Brenda Palmgren ( at 238-2944.

Funeral Meals – This team assists in the planning, preparation and serving of a meal for the bereaved following a funeral.  If you are interested in helping, please contact Bonnie Burris ( at 238-1236 or Polly McWilliams ( .

Meals for New Moms – This team coordinates meal delivery (usually a total of three meals) for a new mom and her family.   If you are interested in this ministry, please contact Megan Weyandt ( at 357-8323.

Stephen Ministry – This is a one-to-one ministry which teams a trained, caring lay minister to meet on a regular basis with a person who is going through a difficult time, such as a chronic illness, hospitalization, unemployment, relocation, loneliness, grief, divorce or a terminal illness.  For those who feel they would benefit from having a Stephen Minister, please contact Pastor Lynn at the church (238-2478).  For those who would like to serve as a Stephen Minister, please contact Brenda Palmgren ( at 238-2944 (h), 574-1039 (c) or Bev Sampsell (  Please click on this link for more information.

Bereavement Support – This team assists those dealing with a loss.  It is coordinated by Cay Griel ( and Brenda Kim (

Hearing Assistance – This team assists those with hearing loss and helps maintain the hearing assistance devices used for worship services.  It is coordinated by Lu Magnusson (

Lenten Devotional – This team coordinates the development of a Lenten devotional booklet written by congregational members.  It is coordinated by Lois Lynn (

Personal Reference Files – A Personal Reference File is a confidential record of information which would be helpful to a person’s family and pastor upon that person’s death.  An individual or family member completes the form, which includes a listing of relatives’ names and phone numbers as well as any pertinent instructions.  After a Personal Reference File is completed, a copy is filed in the church office, accessible only to the pastor and whomever else the signer may wish to designate.  For more information, contact the church office at 238-2478 or

Weekly Letter of Encouragement – This ministry, coordinated by Grace’s office staff, sends a letter of encouraging prayer to an ill or grieving member or friend of the congregation.  The letter is signed by any interested congregant on Sundays before or after worship.  For more information, contact the church office at 238-2478 or