Who worships at Grace?

God’s people worship at Grace – all ages, backgrounds and interests. Approximately 520 attend weekly worship services and 130 are involved in our Super Wednesday activities.  The largest group is people between ages 25 and 50, many with children. Multiple worship styles and activities for mixed age groups and interests weave a rich tapestry of believers. Each year we attract around 60 new members and baptize approximately 25 children.  We also partner with Penn State’s Lutheran Campus Ministry and offer varied ministries for college students, who are a vital part of our parish life.

Whether you are a student or retiree; married, with no children, young or teenage children, or empty nesters; divorced or single; professionals, tradesmen or unemployed; well settled or struggling to find your place in life – you are welcome here. A single truth unites us: we are God’s children, people gathered together around Word and Sacrament who pray, study, serve, struggle, and depend on God for daily sustenance. We come together to worship, live and support each other in our carrying out a faithful response to God’s love.