Children & Youth

Sunday Classes

Grace offers Sunday classes for children and youth of every age, from nursery care through fun and interactive Sunday School classes segmented by age from kindergarten through high school.

Grace offers an imaginative program within a traditional Sunday School model, with children grouped by age in classrooms where programs are designed to address their development and needs.


Online Faith Resources

In response to our changing and ever-increasing online world, our Faith Formation Team has created a website for families and individuals to continue their faith journey at home.  The site is and is to be a bridge between faith at home and faith at church.  Information is updated regularly based on the season of the church year and current events.


Wednesday Classes

Kids’ Club, held on Super Wednesdays from 6:15-7:15 (during the adult Bible study class) offers wholesome activities for children from children age four through fifth grade. Nursery care is also available at this time.

Kids’ Club is a fun and exciting adventure where students ages four through fifth grade learn how to follow our faith and explore new friendships with others. We also have a re:Formers group for 5-8th graders. This is a unique, age appropriate opportunity for these youth to gather in fellowship and learn. Bible Study, games, fellowship, and fun all happen after Super Wednesday dinner in the Harkins Hall Stage Youth Room. Everyone is welcome!


In baptism, God’s loving promise is mixed with water as we are claimed, cleansed, and adopted into life of Jesus Christ. Baptism begins a lifelong journey that is framed by our relationship to God, our faith community, and the world in which we live.

Baptism in the Lutheran church isn’t just reserved for children: adults often choose to make public their covenant with God through this milestone event. Persons interested in having their children or themselves baptized should contact one of our pastors at


Also known as “Affirmation of Baptism,” confirmation is an opportunity for people to affirm the promises their parents, sponsors and congregation made for them when they were baptized. It is also an opportunity to grow in knowledge and appreciation of our faith and faith traditions.

Confirmation classes are taught by our pastoral and youth ministry staff. Classes are designed for students in grades 6-8 in anticipation of being confirmed during 8th grade. Monthly fellowship activities and online class options add joy and convenience as we learn about our faith.


High School Youth Group

Our youth group for high school students meets monthly to share a meal, engage in lively discussion, enjoy fellowship, and participate in occasional service projects. Students also have the opportunity to participate in the National Youth Gathering that takes place every third year.

Vacation Bible School

Join Grace for VBS every summer!  Look for registration information starting in April of each year on the Faith Formation Website,

First Communion

Taking Holy Communion is a regular and vital part of Lutheran worship and each individual’s faith journey.

The decision about when to take Holy Communion is one made by parents, children, and pastors together. First Communion instruction is offered in first grade and then during Confirmation. If children are receiving Holy Communion before first grade, they are still asked to come for instruction. Communion instruction is also given to adults.

Parish Life

Grace has many ministries and events that bring people together. From seasonal events such as AdventFest, our Strawberry Festival, and Celebration of the Arts through intergenerational Sunday School programs, these activities help people of all ages to share their faith and their talents with each other in meaningful, memorable ways.

Milestones Ministry

Our Milestones Ministry accompany members of our Grace family through the vital landmarks of their lives, celebrating milestones with events, activities, and physical representations of God’s presence. The milestones we celebrate and recognize with gifts during worship are baptism, First Holy Communion, receiving the first Bible, Confirmation, and graduation. Crosses, photos, Bibles, baby blankets and other items remind us that God is always with us.

Children’s Choirs

Our children’s choirs are a fun way for children to contribute to worship and enjoy God’s great gift of music. Angel Choir (ages 3 through kindergarten) meets from 5:00-5:30 and Sing ‘n Ring (kindergarten through grade 5) is from 5:00-5:45. Choristers sing, ring hand chimes, learn about music, and hear some Bible stories. They sing occasionally during 10:30 worship or chant a table prayer before Super Wednesday meals. Choirs are a joyful way for youngsters to end the day!

Crossfire Youth Choir

Crossfire, our for teens and tweens in grades 6-12 who enjoy singing, rehearses on Sunday mornings during coffee hour (10:00-10:30). We participate in worship services, including leading a Lessons and Carols service, and participate in music and occasional staged works for the enjoyment of our members and the broader community.

“Children are everywhere here at Grace – laughing, learning, keeping us young.” - Nancy

“As children of the Heavenly Father, we know that Jesus loves us.” – Ann

“Grace offers a variety of programs to educate and enrich the lives of children and youth from birth through college, interwoven with fun fellowship activities that build healthy relationships and create memories.” - Laurel

“Faith formation and community activities abound! My children love having friends at church and learning about Jesus above all.” - Peter