Community Outreach (Social Ministries)

A busy network of volunteers helps with diverse outreach initiatives, including housing the homeless, collecting food for the local food bank, distributing toys to hospitalized children, ringing bells to raise money for Interfaith Human Services, service projects in other communities, and much more.  This is a great way to get involved; many hands and diverse talents are needed to meet ongoing and unexpected needs.  The opportunities and programs are numerous, including:

CROP Walk - CROP hunger walks are community-based events that raise funds to support the global mission of Church World Service and its responses to hunger, poverty, displacement and disaster. Our walk takes place each year in October.

Jared Boxes - In late October we distribute empty plastic tubs the size of a shoe box and members return them in November with toys and other goods that bring joy to children in hospitals, surgical centers, and clinics.  

Out of the Cold This program provides shelter, meals, and care to persons in Centre County who lack shelter and are homeless.  Grace Lutheran hosts guests for 2-3 weeks during the year, providing a place to sleep at night as well as healthy meals.

Read our monthly Grace Notes newsletters for dates and other details; call our church office at 814-238-2478 to get involved; or reach out to us via the "Contact Us" button below.

College Students

Young adults have a second home at Grace, supported through the work of Lutheran Campus Ministries, which holds activities at Grace and on the Penn State Campus and meals for students following some of our worship services. Our "Questions, Not Answers" also provides stimulating discussion for those who are very secure in their faith and not afraid to explore the most difficult questions of faith---sometimes finding no answers.

Congregational Care

Care for our members includes home communion visits and Christmas caroling to the homebound; meals for new mothers and for funerals; healthcare support; and educational programs and card ministries that demonstrate our care for our members.

Women of Grace

Grace has a very active women’s group, with smaller ‘circles’ that use their hearts and hands to meet community needs or that meet for fellowship, such as book discussion groups. It’s a great way to get to know the women at Grace and to share common interests while growing in faith or helping others.

Women’s ministries at Grace are multigenerational and diverse, ranging from sewing and knitting to reading, a breakfast study and more, serving varied people and needs.

Small Groups

The nature and composition of small groups changes in response to the passions and needs of members, but the goal remains the same: to foster relationships between members that help them to grow in their faith. Men’s and women’s Bible studies that meet for breakfast are part of this ministry.

Stephen Ministry

This ministry matches persons with challenges—chronic illness, hospitalization, unemployment, relocation, loneliness, grief, divorce or a terminal illness—with a trained, caring lay minister who will listen to the person’s needs and accompany them through difficult times.

Lay ministers are members of Grace who have been trained to help people who are experiencing loss or have special needs. Each person’s life story is kept confidential between the person who is suffering and the lay minister. Area residents who are not part of our community of faith can also benefit from this ministry.

Green Team

Grace members take our charge to care for the earth seriously by reducing waste, reusing products, and recycling as well as composting. Our green team leads the way on Sundays, Super Wednesdays, and parish events, helping us to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce costs, and educate members about earth-friendly alternatives.

Lenten Devotional

Our annual Lenten Devotional provides daily insights from our members about how the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit carry them through the challenging weeks that precede Easter and also in their daily lives. Scripture-based reflections and life experiences combine to provide helpful insights to readers.

“From day one, people have gone out of their way to get to know us and find a way for us to contribute.  There is a sense of community that can’t be denied.” - Barb

“Offering communion to shut-in members and sharing God’s love with each other is so enriching.” - Nancy

“I knew when Pastor Lynn came to my hospital room and held my newborn daughter that this was the place for me.” - Barb

“Stephen Ministry cares for those in need of a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen.” - Dave

“Grace’s small groups have helped me to connect with other church members and brought me into a closer church family.” - Peter

“Grace is a community of people doing their best to care for one another and reflect the love of Jesus in the world.”  - Anne