Super Wednesday

Super Wednesday is for everyone – from singles to retired persons, and it is especially made for young and busy families. Children abound at Super Wednesday! Activities take place from mid-September through the middle of May, whenever the State College Area School District is in session. Food, fellowship and fun abound for people of all ages. Nursery care is provided.


Savory buffet-style dinners with character

Nothing could be finer than to be in Grace’s diner for a Super Wednesday meal. Imaginative and flavorful home-cooked dinners are served from 5:30-6:15, made by a kitchen team that prepares everything from savory soups and salads to classic entrees and mouth-watering desserts. Strong turnout all year tells you it’s truly tasty. Come for great food and to enjoy fellowship with members of our Grace family.


Bible study / education

Everyone is welcome at Grace’s Pastor-led Bible studies and informal discussions on Wednesday mornings from 11-12 and from 6:15-7:15 following the evening meal. Topics range from books in the Bible to themed discussions. No prior knowledge is necessary for you to fit in and be comfortable. We learn from our pastors and from each other!


Children’s Choirs

Our children’s choirs are a fun way for children to contribute to worship and enjoy God’s great gift of music. Angel Choir (ages 3 through kindergarten) meets from 5:00-5:30 and Sing ‘n Ring (kindergarten through grade 5) is from 5:00-5:45. Choristers sing, ring hand chimes, learn about music, and hear some Bible stories. They sing occasionally during 10:30 worship or chant a table prayer before Super Wednesday meals. Choirs are a joyful way for youngsters to end the day!


Adult Choir

The Adult Choir meets on Wednesdays from 7:30 – 9:00 pm in the Sanctuary. We sing a wide range of traditional music at 10:30 worship services from mid-September through Trinity Sunday (late May or early June).


Kids’ Club

Kids’ Club is a fun and exciting adventure where students ages four through fifth grade learn how to follow our faith and explore new friendships with others. We also have a re:Formers group for 5-8th graders. This is a unique, age appropriate opportunity for these youth to gather in fellowship and learn. Bible Study, games, fellowship, and fun all happen after Super Wednesday dinner in the Harkins Hall Stage Youth Room. Everyone is welcome!

“Grace is a place of giving. I'm very grateful for the many opportunities my family has to help those in need.” - Dana